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The New Standard
in Clinical Technology

Next Generation Rapid Response Software Systems and Continuous Monitoring Biometric Devices 

TRESCARE EaaS Technology
Facilitating Next-tier
Patient Care

TRESCARE Ecosystem As A Service (EaaS) integration addresses the most critical aspects of patient care facilities. From facility operations to patient care capabilities, TRESCARE EaaS significantly enhances care capacities and streamlines operational functions from the inside out.

Our approach is centric to mitigating the difficulties of a complex healthcare and business environment, utilizing a combined analysis-driven and advanced technological approach to achieve next-tier quality care standards. 

TRESCARE next generation Rapid Response Software Systems, EHR Expansion and Continuous Monitoring Biometric Devices are powerful tools designed with the Patient and Care Provider in mind. The combined technology works preventatively to mitigate human error in PHI reporting and timed appropriate response, which allows the facility care staff to easily identify, track and cohesively respond to all patients - including the most at-risk patients in any healthcare facility. 


For elderly, long-term care or seriously-ill patients especially, the early detection and prevention of harmful events such as falls, emerging infections, disease prevention and pressure sores are essential to maintaining quality care, and mitigating the development of secondary or life-threatening conditions. Our innovative technologies and Provider-driven strategies keep your healthcare facilities consistent with quality care, while improving clinical culture and morale. 

TRESCARE Technology understands the value of keeping things simple in a complex environment, and ensuring accountability of patient care standards. Our software is designed to reduce staff error and improve productivity through automated processes to keep nursing staff and providers on the same page regarding the appropriate care to be implemented at the necessary times. 

Advanced Early Detection

Algorithmic tracking systems ensure advanced recognition of physiological disease profiles, infections & protocol-level events

Versatility in Application

Service Oriented Architecture allows for a highly customized and rapidly deployable SaaS, providing continuous efficiency of vitals data tracking, monitoring and analysis, as well as clinical compliance, business analytics, and more. 

Best Practice 

TRESCARE maintains the highest regulatory standards of quality assurance and engineering best practice. Our team of experts include engineers and MD's with over 30 years of collective experience in their fields of expertise. 

Diagnostic Data Acceleration

Automated feedback expedites decision-making capacity, providing advanced insight for aides, nurses and Medical Providers

Advanced EMR Capacity

Our EMR expansion offers customized workflows with industry-leading UI/UX capabilities designed with the care providers needs in mind. 

Biometric Device Integration

TRESCARE EaaS Technology integrates continuous monitoring of physiological biometrics through lead-less hardware, wirelessly transmitting vitals to Rapid Response Software which triggers before the patient begins demonstrating symptoms.

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Track & Trigger TM

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Unprecedented Velocity
Impeccable Reliability

  • Capture real-time data

  • Identify potential risks

  • Closely monitor high risks

  • Minimize company loses

  • Maximize company profits 

TRESCARE Rapid Response Software Suites

  • Track & Trigger System facilitates continuous monitoring of vital signs, providing advanced health insights to care providers regarding baseline anomalies and improving patient outcomes 

  • Rapid Response Software streamlines diagnostic response and helps mitigate the spread infections during their incubation phases (CDC Recommendation for COVID-19) 

  • Innovative dashboard enhances communication in real-time regarding the most critical patient health information data sets

  • Clinical & facility suit systems can be customized and scaled to maximize the productivity of Nursing staff, Medical Providers and Medical Facility Administrators 

  • Consistently tracks and measures facility performance, business analytics, and government compliance documentation 

  • Maximizes productivity in all sectors of the facility environment leading to next-tier patient care standards 

We Take Pride in Our Metrics


Years of Industry Experience


Private Research Investment


American Innovation


Biometric Sensor Technology


Physiological Algorithms

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We want to make a difference. 
In addition to developing innovative technologies to revolutionize patient care, we've designed our technology to lessen the load of care providers & staff to relieve stress and mitigate the negative personal effects of a complex clinical environment. 

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